Edgeware Tools

This page is a collection of tools to generate keys, do the public key to address transformation and do EdgeEVM/EdgeWASM transfers.
This is not a wallet and the website does not store any of your keys or data!

Available tools:

Deposit to EdgeEVM

This tool helps you to find the algorithmically discovered intermediate substrate address (e.g. i76Ux...) corresponding to your EVM address (e.g. 0x1234...).

You can use that intermediate substrate address to send EDGs from your substrate/ EdgeWASM-compatible wallets/signers (e.g. via polkadot-js) to access/operate them from the EdgeEVM-compatible wallets/signers (e.g. via Metamask).

Withdraw from EdgeEVM

To withdraw EDGs from EdgeEVM (e.g. via Metamask) to substrate/EdgeWASM, send them to the algorithmically discovered EVM withdrawal address corresponding to your substrate/ EdgeWASM-compatible wallets/signers [e.g. polkadot-js]. Then, you need to initiate the evm.withdraw(address,value) extrinsic/transaction from your substrate/EdgeWASM account. (ETA: ~ 6 + 6 sec)

Note: This requires wallets/signers compatible with EdgeEVM (e.g. Metamask) as well as substrate/EdgeWASM (e.g. polkadot-js). If you are using this tool in an EVM-only mobile dapp browser, you will need to perform step 2 manually.
This tool is intended for users who are familiar with the EVM and the EdgeEVM. If you are a beginner, please use the our Ecosystem Transfer Widget instead.

Based on the Substrate address, the corresponding EVM address will be discovered.

Convert address to public key

If you have a mainnet/testnet EDG address (5G7Agn...), you can use this tool to convert it into a public key (0x1234...).

Convert public key to address

If you have a public key (0x1234...), you can use this tool to convert it into a mainnet/testnet address.

Generate keypair

Please keep in mind that this method to generate a public/private key pair is not fully secure! The recommended way to generate a private key is using the command line or polkadot-js, on an air-gapped computer.

Learn more about methods for generating key pairs at Edgeware Docs website.