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In Edgeware, we reward contributors beyond validation and staking.
Several functions are built into our chain's logic, or you can use the Proposal system to design your own offering and reward.

Case Study

Pizza Drop

Community members gamified Twitter marketing and made a community moment through publicly funded pizza.

Case Study

Exit Theory by Justin Murphy

EDG aligned with the values of the text, exploring crypto-seccession and more.

Case Study

Edgeware Agency

Decentralizing chain operations from core teams, the Agency proposal funded the growth of both talent and our chain's development.


Identity Registrar

Earn EDG for each user's on-chain identity you manually or automatically verified.



Work with community partners to create and fulfil proposals, and pay out the reward as a service.



Provide security for the network, validate transactions, and earn block rewards. 20%+ APY for active set



Help provide network security by nominating to keep validators in the live set, and earn a percentage of rewards. 20%+ APY



Edgeware has an on-chain public treasury composed of funds from several sources, including transaction fees, validator fees, and inflation. The public can vote and propose to utilize these funds through a democratic and open process.


Community Ops

Provide support and moderation services for Edgeware Community.


Delegate votes

Become a protocol politician and lead your fellow EDGizens by collecting delegated EDG to vote with, becoming a trusted representative in governance on EDG.



We support on-chain bounties; great for bugs, documentation improvements, translations, and more.


Treasury Tips

Receive tips for small, one-off tasks, such as bug fixes, documentation, translations and more.

Become an EDGizen

Joining Edgeware is more than just a cryptocurrency.
It's a society where you contribute and earn reputation, resources, and connect with likeminded learners in the DAO and Substrate space.

  1. Have EDG
  2. Stake, Delegate or Vote
  3. Claim your custom on-chain ID
  4. Join Forum and Discord
  5. Introduce and explore

Design a Proposal

Have a contribution, project, or role you or your team is interested in?
Design your own and negotiate with the community.

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