A DAO-first smart contract platform for managing,
funding, and building decentralized communities.

Edgeware is a scalable, sovereign and cooperatively owned smart contract platform with a large public treasury, strong governing community, and a focus on DAO deployments.

  • Oldest Substrate Solochain
  • Self-sustainable Ecosystem
  • Dual Smart Contracts Environments
  • Fairly Distributed through Lockdrop
  • Full Democracy since the Genesis
  • GiftDrop is a series of free commemorative mint drops for the EDGizens!
  • Support the ongoing community contributions through the monthly editions of limited NFTs and get exclusive perks.
  • Explore the vanilla implementation of full-fledged EVM running in the same high-performant substrate solochain.
  • Binance distributed EDG to their ETH holding users of lockdrop timeframe.
  • Kabocha Parachain
  • Join the weekly Community Calls to shape the evolution of Edgeware ecosystem.

The Way of Edgeware

Edgeware is a society of technical and artistic thinkers striving to discover new economies. These visions are inclusive, equitable, automated, and fundamentally more human.

We're looking to connect and involve daring and creative minds both new and old to blockchain, support their ideas, and together produce a better culture than yesterday.

Edge Citizenship

In Edgeware, users are not merely consumers but shareholders in a cooperative and experimental political economy built through blockchain. With 'citizenship' comes obligations and benefits that set us apart.


We collectively support the development of character and knowledge through conversations, presentations, funding and opportunities.

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Our community wealth is open to proposals from all and includes a variety of investments, token grants, or network share allocations designed to enhance and upgrade the network and ecosystem.

Learn more about Edgeware Proposal process →


The democratization of tooling, programs, chains and economic opportunities help us produce a robust and experimental economy.

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The management of our community wealth and infrastructure is the primary way we express the values of Edgeware. Liquid democracy, public referenda and permissionless proposals are the start.

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Substrate Development Platform

Edgeware uses the same powerful framework as Kusama and Polkadot, but features three ways to build your dapp or project, including familiar EVM, cutting-edge WASM and modular, runtime-level Pallets.


Permissionless, familiarity, and Solidity-based, EdgeEVM makes it easy to expand to new chains, debug and port your dapp with access to the largest set of tools and resources.

  • Mature Ecosystem
  • Solidity Compatible
  • Easy Portability
  • Meta Transaction Ready


The permissionless environment for the experts seeking more performance and future-proof scalability compared to EdgeEVM.

  • High Performance
  • Memory/Weight Efficient
  • Futureproof
  • Rust Ink


Interoperable and future-proof, Rust-based pallets can grant the chain new functions once approved by the governing community.

  • Interoperability
  • Low Level Access
  • Permissioned Deployment
  • Forkless Upgrades

Want to build on the Edgeware ecosystem?

The go-to resource for developers to start building with Edgeware.

EDG Economics

The EDG token incentivises and rewards the participants in the ecosystem, ensuring everyone remains aligned to a common purpose of expanding both the usefulness and awareness of the network.

The token has one of the widest distributions in crypto-currency, with over 15m unique addresses receiving the token as part of the 2019 lockdrop.

This offers the project a huge advantage over many less well distributed projects, both in terms of the breadth of its ownership, lack of outside influence and the scale of the opportunity to increase its value.

Current market priceLoading...
Market cap
Treasury Balance633.2637 MEDG
  • 90%Public Lockdrop
  • 4.5%Commonwealth Labs
  • 3%Parity Technologies Labs
  • 2.5%Community Incentives

Fair & Open Launch

Edgeware pioneered the lockdrop, a fully open, decentralized and fair network launch and token distribution mechanism. The first of its kind, it helped ensure a robust utility token with governance protections.

Decentralized Bootstrapping

The lockdrop used the opportunity cost of the ETH locked up and returned to set the price of the EDG token. Even without any real payment, the opportunity cost basis was enough to kickstart a large community treasury with value on the market.

Sustainable Growth

Once the token had value, it began the process of self-improvement: grants, funding and payments to the development of our protocol, ecosystem and more, driving utility into the token.

Get EDG Tokens

Edgeware tokens are available in the following exchanges

  • Gate.io
  • Bittrex
  • Kucoin
  • HotBit
  • MEXC Global

Wallets to store your EDG

  • Edge Apps
  • Ledger
  • NOVA Wallet
  • Polkadot Apps
  • Math Wallet

More wallets coming soon

Mentions from the cryptoverse

Ryan ZurrerRyan Zurrer@kukulabanze
Huge congrats to @hicommonwealth as @HeyEdgeware #Lockdrop just passed 1 million ETH locked &/or signalled, absolutely crushing our most optimistic projections. 🙌 The global community rising up around this protocol is inspiring, especially the excitement out here in China.🇨🇳✌️
Valerie TetuValerie Tetu@ValerieTetu
The @HeyEdgeware community is one of the most impressive examples of effective organic decentralised collaboration and coordination. love #DAOs. (and if you join, you will too!!!)
Du CapitalDu Capital@DuCapital_SG
Amazing turnout at the @web3foundation @polkadotnetwork & ecosystem meetup in China’s tech hub Shenzhen. Crowd also got excited by @HeyEdgeware and @chainx_org , both of which has a token distribution mechanism that really emphasises on the community. Pleasure hosting you guys!
Parity TechnologiesParity Technologies@ParityTech
Congratulations to @HeyEdgeware for launching! 🎉 Check out this #Substrate-based chain at https://t.co/Eo5ugKqK1K. https://t.co/lmpkUvWtpa

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